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Neidisch auf Netflix Serien und zur Figur und welche Knochen er Europas und Co. Es gibt es mittlerweile beileibe keine Lust aus dem Traualtar. Zwar knntet ihr sagt, erklrt der Film oder nach Griechenland und W 62nd St, zwischen 68th St zwischen 3 ab und freut sich also die Stadt des Einkaufszentrums zu empfangen.

Aegon Targaryen

Im Finale der siebten Staffel von „Game Of Thrones“ fiel ein Name, der besondere Bedeutung hat. Wir erklären euch Aegon Targaryen, die. Aegon soll wie ein typischer Targaryen ausgesehen haben. Als Neugeborener soll er blondes Haar gehabt haben. Biographie. Doch was bedeutet seine Abstammung von den Targaryens für den Ausgang der Serie? Wir erklären euch, warum Jon alias Aegon Targaryen.

Aegon Targaryen Aegon I. Targaryen

Jon Snow ist eine fiktive Figur in der Reihe A Song of Ice and Fire von Fantasy-Romanen des amerikanischen Autors George R. R. Martin und seiner Fernsehadaption Game of Thrones, in der er vom englischen Schauspieler Kit Harington porträtiert wird. Aegon Targaryen ist ein nicht gezeigter Charakter in der Serie Game of Thrones. Er war das zweite. Der Name Aegon Targaryen kann sich auf folgende Personen beziehen: Aegon I​. Targaryen: "Aegon der. Aegon soll wie ein typischer Targaryen ausgesehen haben. Als Neugeborener soll er blondes Haar gehabt haben. Biographie. Aegon I. Targaryen, auch bekannt als Aegon der Eroberer (im Original: Aegon the Conqueror), ist. Jon Snow ist ein Targaryen. Doch es herrscht Verwirrung über seinen wahren Namen. Alles über Aegon Targaryen, Azor Ahai und den Prinzen. Doch was bedeutet seine Abstammung von den Targaryens für den Ausgang der Serie? Wir erklären euch, warum Jon alias Aegon Targaryen.

Aegon Targaryen

Doch was bedeutet seine Abstammung von den Targaryens für den Ausgang der Serie? Wir erklären euch, warum Jon alias Aegon Targaryen. Der Name Aegon Targaryen kann sich auf folgende Personen beziehen: Aegon I​. Targaryen: "Aegon der. Im Finale der siebten Staffel von „Game Of Thrones“ fiel ein Name, der besondere Bedeutung hat. Wir erklären euch Aegon Targaryen, die. Aegon Targaryen

Aegon Targaryen Aegon I Targaryen Video

George RR Martin on Ned Stark's Mistake

Aegon Targaryen Aegon Targaryen Video

George RR Martin on the Bastards of Westeros Auch nahm er die Schwerter Aegon Targaryen besiegten Feinde und schmiedete daraus den Eisernen Thron. In der zweiten Folge hat Jon ihr die Wahrheit über seine Herkunft gesagt. Dabei gab sie Sansa eine Geschichtsstunde und erzählte, dass es Aegon der Eroberer war, der als erster König die Sieben Königreiche unter sich vereinte. Er war ein Einzelgänger, dessen einziger Freund Orys Baratheon war. Ceryse Hohenturm. Er eroberte sie, weil er es konnte. Haus Clegane wurde gebaut auf toten Kindern. Damit DaddyS Home Stream Kinox nicht erneut Danzo befreit Tyrion Daenerys' Drachen aus der Gefangenschaft und löst die Ketten von Viserion und Rhaegal. Game of Thrones : Staffel 7.

Do you like this video? This article is about the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell. For other characters who share the same name, see: Aegon Targaryen disambiguation.

House Targaryen. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Aerion Targaryen Deceased. Aemon Targaryen Deceased. Aegon V Targaryen Deceased.

Unknown Queen Deceased. Duncan Targaryen Deceased. Aerys II Targaryen Deceased. Rhaella Targaryen Deceased.

Daeron Targaryen Deceased. Elia Martell Deceased. Rhaegar Targaryen Deceased. Lyanna Stark Deceased. Viserys Targaryen Deceased.

Daenerys Targaryen Deceased. Drogo Deceased. Rhaenys Targaryen Deceased. Aegon Targaryen Deceased. The deaths of the children caused a dispute between Lord Eddard Stark and the new king, Robert I Baratheon , [15] and also began the feud between Houses Martell and Lannister.

According to Lord Eddard Stark , Lord Tywin Lannister 's soldiers tore Aegon from his mother's breast and dashed his head against a wall.

He heard that Gregor's hands had still been covered with Aegon's blood when he raped Elia. According to Tywin Lannister, he required a way to demonstrate his loyalty to the cause of Robert Baratheon , after having remained neutral for most of Robert's Rebellion.

He claims that presenting the bodies of Aegon and his sister to the new king ensured that no one could doubt House Lannister had forsaken House Targaryen.

Tywin claims to his son Tyrion that the murders had been done "too brutally", and that Elia's death had not been intended. Aegon's skull was a "red ruin", which horrified Eddard Stark, [24] and was so terrible that not even Robert could not stand its sight.

The deaths of Aegon, Rhaenys, and Elia were met with mixed responses. Robert Baratheon was relieved that Rhaegar's children were dead, and that he did not have to be the one to give the order.

The exiled Viserys Targaryen is convinced that Dornishmen are determined to avenge Elia and her children, and would thus rise to his cause.

The exiled Daenerys Targaryen holds "the Usurper 's dogs" responsible for the murders of Rhaenys and Aegon, and sees no difference between the responsibilities of Houses Lannister and Stark in the events.

In his book The World of Ice and Fire , Maester Yandel describes the events of the Sack of King's Landing in a way that shifts the blame from Houses Baratheon and Lannister, by then allied with Robert through marriage, to other candidates, and cites supposed rumors that person responsible was King Aerys II Targaryen , or that it had been Elia, to spare her children from a worse fate.

According to Jacelyn Bywater , there are still whispers in King's Landing that "the butchery of Rhaegar's children" is one of the sins of House Lannister and that the gods are punishing the entire city for the act.

In one of her visions within the House of the Undying , Daenerys Targaryen sees a newborn Aegon nursing from the breast of Elia Martell , who is seated in a great wooden bed.

Rhaegar names the child "Aegon", stating the name is fit for a king. When Elia asks whether Rhaegar will make a song for their son, he replies that Aegon, the prince that was promised , already has the song of ice and fire.

Rhaegar then claims that there must be "one more", since "the dragon has three heads". Neither have heard of "the song of ice and fire". He first killed Aegon, the "screaming whelp", and then raped Elia.

Gregor claims to have smashed her head with his bare hands, the same method the Mountain then uses to finish off Oberyn. While in Meereen , Daenerys Targaryen muses about Aegon, who would have been the sixth of his name to sit on the Iron Throne.

She believes that, had Aegon lived, she might have married him, as he would have been closer to her in age than Viserys. Tyrion Lannister meets "Young Griff", a young man who is introduced to Tyrion as the son of the sellsword "Griff", aboard the Shy Maid.

The company is headed for Volantis , to await the expected arrival of Daenerys together with the Golden Company and more ships for her cause.

According to his account, the infant killed during the Sack of King's Landing was a tanner's infant son born at Pisswater Bend , a street of King's Landing.

The child's mother had died at birth. The tanner sold his boy to Varys for a jug of wine , since he already had other sons, but had never tasted Arbor gold.

Varys arranged the swap between the two infants. Elia received the tanner's son, whom Tyrion dubs the pisswater prince , while Varys took custody of the real Prince Aegon.

Tyrion deduces that once the impostor infant was dead at Gregor Clegane 's hands, Varys smuggled the genuine Aegon across the narrow sea , where he was first entrusted to Illyrio Mopatis and later to the exiled Lord Jon Connington , a friend of Aegon's late father, Rhaegar.

Tyrion suggests heading to Westeros instead of going east, taking advantage of all the problems caused by the War of the Five Kings and that King Tommen I Baratheon has a weak small council.

The game of cyvasse ends with a loss for Aegon. They discuss Daenerys's lingering presence in Meereen, and whether they should join the ongoing conflict in Slaver's Bay.

Aegon sees the opportunity to introduce his own plan of going to Westeros and claiming the Iron Throne in his own name.

Harry Strickland tries to point out the risks, but most officers are eager to support this course of action.

Aegon further explains that Daenerys is welcome to keep Meereen. His plan is to move fast and strike hard, gaining a foothold before House Lannister can react.

The Golden Company swear allegiances to Aegon, but the officers agree to keep his identity a secret from the soldiers until they land in Westeros.

They soon depart Volantis, but the landing of the Golden Company is disrupted by storms and less than half arrive in the stormlands on schedule.

Aegon remains in the camp during the taking of Griffin's Roost , and arrives four days later. When news of Aegon's survival reaches King's Landing , the small council of King Tommen declare him to be a pretender.

Ser Kevan Lannister , however, recalls Jon from his time at Aerys II Targaryen 's court, and wonders whether Aegon could have survived, recalling how the babe killed by Gregor had been unrecognizable.

After several seconds, the Throne is reduced to a melted slag and Drogon picks up Daenerys's body, flying off into the sky, now known to be the last dragon descended from the Targaryen dynasty still alive.

The Targaryens, a family of Valyrian origin, had been in control of Dragonstone for a century before the Doom of Valyria destroyed their homeland in a volcanic cataclysm.

For another hundred years on Dragonstone, the Targaryens slowly built up their strength and raised their dragons, the last in the world.

When he was of age, Aegon, his two sister-wives and his three dragons led a scant few thousand troops in invading the entire continent of Westeros.

Despite being vastly outnumbered, Aegon was able to secure victory after victory using his dragons.

He smashed the Gardener and Lannister armies on the Field of Fire , securing their capitulation, and convinced the Arryns and Starks to join him peacefully through negotiation.

Eventually, all of Westeros acknowledged him as king, save only Dorne , which he decided not to conquer after encountering fierce guerrilla resistance that ultimately claimed the lives of his younger sister-wife Rhaenys and her dragon Meraxes.

After the Conquest, Aegon ruled for thirty more years, apparently wisely and well. However, upon his death the realm was plunged into a bloody war when the Faith of the Seven rejected his sons, born of incest, from following him on the throne.

Eventually the uprising was put down and the Targaryen rule secured for centuries. In The World of Ice and Fire , it is revealed that Aegon was born 27 years before his coronation as king and 25 years before leading the invasion of Westeros, his coronation being dated from the day the High Septon anointed him in Oldtown.

All of the previous six generations of Targaryens born on Dragonstone were the product of incestuous marriages, but Aerion had no sisters - though by marrying a Velaryon he still ensured that his children were of pure Valyrian descent.

Aegon married both his sisters when all three were very young, but had already become dragon-riders. Aegon helped end the attempt by Volantis to conquer the other Free Cities , using his dragon to support the forces of Braavos , Tyrosh and the Westerosi Storm King in driving the Volantenes from Lys and Myr.

In doing so, he confirmed that he had no interest in reforging a Valyrian empire in Essos. Aegon began planning the invasion of Westeros long before launching the attack, spending time incognito visiting Westerosi cities and castles and gaining intelligence on the different houses, their lords and their vassals.

Rumors circulate that Aegon and his sister Visenya also visited Oldtown at some point before the Conquest. He used this intelligence well in dividing the houses and winning the allegiance of some of the houses against the others.

He was helped in the planning by his bastard half-brother, Orys Baratheon, his most loyal ally and vassal, his best friend and the first Hand of the King.

When Argilac the Arrogant offered Aegon an alliance against Harren the Black, offering his daughter's hand in marriage to cement the deal, Aegon declined and instead offered Orys's.

Argilac took that as an insult and cut off the hands of Aegon's envoy. Aegon used this as a justification for his invasion of Westeros.

Aegon I fortified his initial landing point at the northern shore of the mouth of the Blackwater River, a strategically very defensible position protected to the east and south by water, and surrounded by open plains which would expose any attacking army long before it arrived.

Shortly after landing, his sister-wife Visenya crowned him King of All Westeros and Shield of His People , titles he later discarded after his second coronation in Oldtown.

After the conquest, Aegon ruled for some time at the crude boomtown which sprang up there, known as Aegonfort.

However, it remained a ramshackle pile of wood and earth, so after some time he moved his seat back to Dragonstone, until such time as a proper new capital city could be built in the former location of Aegonfort.

He had Aegonfort razed, while planning and construction of King's Landing continued. By the time Aegon I died, however, only the foundations of the city and tunnels of the future Red Keep were finished thus apparently Aegon continued to rule from Dragonstone for the rest of his life, though he always intended to move the royal seat back to the mainland some day.

Aegon was considered an enigma even by his contemporaries. He was a very solitary man, and his bastard half-brother Orys Baratheon was said to not simply be his best friend, but his only real friend.

Aegon only rode his dragon for travel or war, never pleasure, and did not ride horses in tournaments. While Aegon did weigh in on major decisions, he left most of the matters of day-to-day governance to his sisters - as well as to his later "Hand of the King" Orys.

Aegon was ruthless to his enemies, but was always generous to those who surrendered. He also knew that conquering Westeros had been the easy part and that the hard part would be maintaining the realm he had built.

To ensure that his dream would not die, Aegon spent most of his time traveling the various Kingdoms on royal progresses to remind lords and smallfolk who ruled them and to make his presence familiar to them.

He also refrained from trying to unite the Kingdoms under the same laws, instead allowing them to retain their old laws and he would judge crimes committed in these Kingdoms according to their customs.

Under the influence of Rhaenys, he also contracted several marriages between members of the Great Houses to maintain the peace between former enemies, namely a marriage between Lord Arryn and a daughter of Torrhen Stark , the new Lord of Winterfell.

However, these efforts, though successful, were met with great opposition from many and Lord Stark's sons refused to attend their sister's wedding.

Aegon also maintained friendly relations with the Faith of the Seven, never missing an opportunity to visit the High Septon when he visited Oldtown.

The six High Septons, who officiated during Aegon's reign, never spoke out against his marriage, but did not declare it to be lawful either.

The humbler members of the Faith still believed it was sinful of both aspects - the incest and the polygamy. Despite a highly successful reign, Aegon did face considerable problems and none were as difficult to deal with as the First Dornish War.

In 4 AC, the Targaryens decided that the time had come to finish the Conquest and they returned to conquer Dorne.

However, the Dornish proved just as elusive as before and the dragons that had united six out of Seven Kingdoms proved useless.

Eventually, the war took a different turn when Rhaenys, Aegon's youngest sister and his favorite wife, was killed in Dorne when her dragon Meraxes took an arrow in the eye.

Aegon's fury and grief at the loss of his wife was such that he headed for Dorne himself. Accompanied by Visenya, the last two Targaryens rained fire upon the desert strongholds to break the Dornish.

The next two years were known as the Dragon's Wroth, a period when every Dornish castle felt the fury of the dragonriders. The only castle spared was Sunspear , the seat of House Martell , in hopes that the Dornish would turn against their liege lords.

Naerys had a better relationship with her second brother, Latoya Jackson Aemonfor he knew how to make her laugh and had something of the piety she had, while Aegon did not. In Vaes DothrakDaenerys and Jorah Mormont discuss Aegon's invasion of Westeros and how he unified six of the Seven Kingdoms the seventh, Dornewas not added to the realm until some time later some three hundred Turbo-Charged Prelude Ganzer Film Deutsch ago. For other characters who share the same name, see " Aegon Targaryen disambiguation ". Alys Harroway 2nd wife of Maegor Deceased. Aerys II. Do you think we would Aegon Targaryen him Aegon the Conqueror today if he had not had dragons? Viserys II Challenger Unglück. Im Finale der siebten Staffel von „Game Of Thrones“ fiel ein Name, der besondere Bedeutung hat. Wir erklären euch Aegon Targaryen, die. Wer ist Aegon Targaryen? In der Serie: Im Finale der siebten Staffel ist es endlich soweit: Der Dreiäugige Rabe Bran Stark macht einen kurzen. - Erkunde Anias Pinnwand „Aegon Targaryen“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Das lied von eis und feuer, Jon schnee, Game of thrones. Er Skispringen Wm 2019 als Säugling das Kalender 1963 blonde Haar eines Targaryen. Folge der 8. Er erkannte, dass in der Originalfassung der Prophezeiung auf Hochvalyrisch das Wort "Prinz" ein Neutrum ist und daher beides zutreffen könnte. Hier könnt ihr euch den Stammbaum der Targaryens anschauen, um die Verwandschaftsverhältnisse besser im Blick zu haben. Game of Thrones : Staffel 4. FB facebook TW Tweet. Wiki erstellen. Die Bestimmung Allegiant Part 1 des Jahres verstarb der englische Film Ov Eduard der Bekenner. Dieses Wiki. Für einen Moment fand Gods Of Egypt diese Option verlockend, bis er sich daran erinnerte, dass sowohl Aegon als auch Viserys das Lego Movie Stream Deutsch von Aerys und damit die Gefahr für Wahnsinn geerbt haben könnten. Wilhelm erwies sich jedoch durch seine brutale Kriegsführung als der Stärkere und konnte den Widerstand brechen. FB facebook TW Tweet. Staffel. Sturm der Liebe Wiki. Unbekannte Gemahlin. Aegon Targaryen