and seasoning habits, the most important statistics, condiments and seasoning brands ranking. It's especially good as a chicken Caesar salad. Ranch Dressing II, rave Review: "This is the ranch dressing recipe I have been looking for. Freshly made ranch dressing can turn a boring green salad into something divine. Go for that if you can. Squeeze them with moderate pressure, then pick up another bunch and squeeze again. It only took a matter of minutes to make. del Toss and Serve! No, we're not talking about dimming the lights and squirting on the scented oilsyou should massage your kale with either your dressing, or some lemon juice and salt. The tough leaves and the acidic vinaigrette just yearn for cheese, especially a salty one like Pecorino Romano or Parmesan. Absolutely the best Rich and Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing Ever! Poppy Seed Dressing I, rave Review: "This dressing is awesome I've been taking spinach salads with poppy seed dressing to work all week!" jennmarie. Dawn Perry, senior associate food editor, alison Roman, assistant editor, claire Saffitz, and test kitchen contributor. del Your Kale Like Lettuce /del Kale is super fibrousone of the sources of its many health benefitsso it's a bit more difficult to chew than your average green. The endlessly hip kale salad seems to appear everywhere these days, from our mom's Sunday dinner table to every restaurant in town. Hence the term, "roughage." Choosing a creamy dressing like ranch or blue cheese fickkontakte lübeck erotik marburg might seem like a good idea. /del After you massage and dress it, let that salad sit for at least 5 minutes and up to a day (depending on what's in the salad, of course). That acid will help break down the fibers in the kale, making it a lot more tender and easier to chew. It sounds weird, but trust us: it's necessary. It's very easy to make and I always have the ingredients." Shaz. Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad. Rave Review: "I served this dressing to guests on a chilled iceberg wedge, with extra blue cheese crumbles.